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AA: Deivya by OH-I-KNOW-HER
AA: Deivya

Name: Deivya
Age: 130 (appears to be 25)
Birthday: (This one is optional and for fun only, because we have in-universe zodiacs)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6
Race: Light Elf

Class: Bard
Occupation: Entertainer: Musician and Dancer
City: Estraude
Allegiance: (Miras Kingdom or Koben Empire. If neutral, pick the side that their city belongs to; it is mandatory to list an allegiance whether or not it's strongly felt.)

    -Free Spirited, Intelligent, Curious, Sociable, Driven
        After setting out on her own she continues to travel around feeding her curiosity whether its learning to better her skills in helping people or just the different cultures in general. Its her thirst for knowledge and her intelligence which makes things easier for her to understand in terms of learning something new. Along with discovering things she had never knew about before she loves meeting new people 'no two people are the same, so that just means that there is always an opportunity to learn something new' as her motto goes. Though she seems care free or free spirited she takes her healing and studies very seriously in hopes to be on the level her grandmother (but without the dying part).
    -Proud, calculating, flirtatious
        Her pride iin her skills tends to border arrogance and it shows whenever it is dealing with something she is confident, sometimes the rubs people the wrong way. Though it bugs her at times being misunderstood her pride stands in the way and she refuses to admit it. People tend to assume that with her free-spirited demeanor she is a push over or an air head which only tends to give her that much of an advantage if necessary. Her movements are never random and are thought out carefully, she knows she is not the strongest fighter in the world and she rather use her brains to get out of or win in a situation. That aside though she is a lady she is very flirtatious and has a weakness for the opposite sex and can't help but flirt a little (or a lot) sometimes it causes her to be distracted. Though a positive of her flirtatious behavior is it helps her in tight situations where he looks can be used.

    Born to an artist mother and a merchant father politics weren't really something that her family was too concerned with though they tended to keep up with it. Whenever her father would receive something new in a shipment her father would always bring it home to show her if it was something unique, sparking her interest in learning. Her mother was more into painting and sculpting and would sell her works in a little shop that her family owned making their way of living a fairly comfortable one when you combined it with her father's merchant business. It wasn't just visual art that her mother enjoyed but also music and when Deivya's talent for singing was realized her mother nurtured it. Her grandmother who was a skilled troubadours who taught her about the joys of being a healer and helping other's who are in need 'it is a healers pride to help those who are sick and suffering' she would say as she taught her granddaughter little by little. After her talent for music was discovered her grandmother introduced the idea of maybe striving to heal others not just with physical herbs and treatments but with her music as well though she warned her that the road to becoming a Bard would not be easy. 

    As time went on and she grew so did her desire to learn beyond what her mother and grandmother were teaching her, so as a sort of coming of age present her grandmother sent her to learn from an old friend who had a wide variety of knowledge when it came to being a successful Bard. It was with that friend she spent most of her life travelling and learning as an apprentice, sharpening and honing her own musical abilities. After the first 20 years or so of apprenticing under her grandmother's friend tragedy struck, her grandmother had passed away, giving her life in order to heal a difficult sickness that had plagued two children of a family she knew. Though she was successful in healing the two small children it required more energy that her grandmother could recover at the age she was, too much of a physical toll. The passing of her beloved grandmother hit Deivya hard and caused a bit of a struggle when it came to  focusing on her studies and training. Eventually (with the tough love of her teacher) she managed to come out of her slump and depression but she was able to move forward with an even greater drive than she had before become a great healer. It took over 50 years after her grandmother's funeral for her to master all that her mentor had to teach her and though she had the knowledge she needed the experience to really call herself, a Bard.

    Soon it was time to branch out onto her own and begin writing her own book called life and though she had a rough time at the start she found a path she wanted to take in life. Even as she travels from place to place she will  always return home to her family for a little bit until the next journey calls her name.

Additional info:
    -Can heal minor to major wounds with her flute. The more life threatening injuries require more energy to heal and time to which she has to directly use her voice
    -Has a thing for light colors in terms of clothing
    -Doesn't eat meat
    -Can't really paint or sculpt like her mother can nor does she have the patience to really deal with being a merchant like her father
    -Likes to be independent, but misses her family and writes to them when she can or when she has some exciting new adventure to tell them.
    -More later....
RP Style Preference:
    -Skype, then chatroom, then notes last
        -I prefer to to lit because I like to be detailed in posts
for :iconarcem-alva:
Niki...? by OH-I-KNOW-HER
    ...Nikita is gone and no one knows what happened to him, is he just M.I.A? Or dead. And who is this person who looks just like the former leader?
    I may join again, tempted
    Name: Nikkolai
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Species: Confagrigus
    Ability: Mummy- In battle the opponent will be enveloped in bandages effectively turning them into a mummy on contact
    Level: 1
    Birth Date: Unknown
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 171 lbs
    Job: Recruit
    District: Diavolo
    Alignment: Evil

    Dream Eater

    Likes: Being outside, Night, Disorder, Sweets, Meat, Sex
    Dislikes: Losing, hospitals, being restrained, authority figures, the fact he can't remember anything about his life, Vanilla anything, Vegetables, Staying stagnant

    Personality: Intelligent-Hot headed-Blunt-Guarded-Shameless-Proud-Goes off his instincts-Feral


    Additional Information:
    - He had no memory of who he is or how he came to be
    -Has a severe hatred for wearing shoes
    -At night he has weird dreams as if they are someone else's memories
    -Fluent in Russian
    -Yearns for something but doesn't know what. Feels like there is something he needs to do or remember but to no avail
    -Has a great number of what look to be scars all over his body
    -Since he doesn't know anything about himself he relies solely on his instinct
    -Gets headaches when he tries to remember
    -Just like a confagrigus he had the four ghostly hands that he is able to hide or summon at will

    - Mask
    -Bandages that cover his body
    -Sometimes can be seen carrying a large coffin

    Nikkolai (c) Mine
Edo Meme: Sabyll by OH-I-KNOW-HER
Edo Meme: Sabyll
Sabyll what he would look like back in the day in the edo era

Meme (c) :iconmesmyr:
Art/Sabyll (c) Me


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Blinking Picture
Excited (animation) by OH-I-KNOW-HER
You can have a full picture, fully shaded & highlighted with a simple background and 1 character that is a blinking animation
Blinking Chibi Icons
AdoraBadru Icon by OH-I-KNOW-HER
You get not only a chibi of a character of your choice but the icon is a blinking one, fully shaded and highlighted. 


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