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P.G: The queen is back by OH-I-KNOW-HER
P.G: The queen is back
Yes Ivy is preggers and married lol but she is no less badass or dangerous...she's even more so now being preggers with her second kid
Event: Caught him on a bad day... by OH-I-KNOW-HER
Event: Caught him on a bad day...
The smile of his empress was replaced by fear, something Kalleb does not like to see on Bala's face (he thinks of her as a little sister). Who is to blame? Pirates. Hence the threatening aura that surrounds the captain of the royal guard.

He has two swords. One is a black blade with a purple hue and the other is a gold blade...he is quite skilled with them. Pirates beware.

Kalleb (c) Mine
HT app: Mr. or Royal hes fine with either by OH-I-KNOW-HER
HT app: Mr. or Royal hes fine with either
"as long as there is a 'T' after it"

: Doesn't have one
Nicknames: Mr. T or Royal T
Age: 5 years; 36 human years
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4
Breed: Teacup Pomeranian
Job: Stray
Partner: None
Sexual orientation: "If it has a hole, I don't have a problem with it"

    -Aggressive: He won't pick a fight but he will end it 
    -Confident: Not that his ego is big, he just is the last person who has 'low self esteem' despite his breed's size
    -Vulgar (at times): He was used in a breeding farm so in his mind the only thing anyone ever wants from him is to breed
    -Distrustful: Doesn't trust anyone
    -Straight forward: He'll say whats on his mind because he doesn't care what anyone has to say
    -Loyal: To people he trusts which is like barely anyone
    -Affectionate: To those who've earned it
    -Respectful: Though he may not act or sound like it but he respects those who respect themselves. He backs off when told 'no' or when he realizes he's made             someone uncomfortable (eventually, he's slow at picking up on those things)
    -Intimately/Romantically Awkward: He doesn't know bout relationships so don't be surprised if he's uncomfortable with those trying to act all close like

    His story in a nutshell, he was born to a litter of 3 where he was the biggest (snort) and while his siblings found good homes he ended up at a breeding farm. They raised him in a cage and the only interaction he really got was when they were taking care to make sure he was healthy enough to breed when he came of age. When he hit the age of 2 the human's who owned him decided that it was time for him to 'be of some use' which led his only other form of interaction being with females in heat to breed with. The first time was hard for him though going off instinct he was able to get through it and as time went by it became easier and easier though left him with sort of a cold detachment and deposition that the only things in life were food and breeding. Two years later all he knew came to an end when police stormed the farm and arrested the human's who bought him effectively shutting down the whole operation, he along with the rest of the dogs and cats where transferred to a pound to be looked at and hopefully found a real home. Sadly, because he lacked the necessary social skills and became aggressive with the handlers he was unfit for adoption and was scheduled to be put down. Well he wasn't having that and after multiple attempts he ran away to live the life he was currently in, on the streets.  A greedy fat human came across him one night after some other dogs tried to gang up on him due to what they thought was a reflection of his size (little did they know HAH) and expressed interest in his raw natural fighting ability. Offering to pay he would call upon the pom to fight opponents he arranged for the entertainment of his clientele, and after agreeing to it he became involved in underground fighting. It was during this time he encountered another like himself, someone whose animal form did no justice to what he really looked like, a chinchilla named Khayll. The other was 10 years his junior but was a force to be reckoned with and after a few matches against each other they had became rather close being the only people either of them really needed t trust in the cold dark world of the streets. Then the day came his cohort had met a human and seemed to grow attached to her, her name was Reign and she would soon become the only person Mr. T would trust to do his piercings or tats since she seemed to gain the chinchilla's trust.

Extra information
    -He gets the nickname Mr. T and Royal T because he is a 'teacup' Pomeranian
    -Likes being groomed, though since he's a stray that doesn't really happen as often as he'd like
    -Has a slight addiction to tattoos and piercings
    -He is originally from Spain, he has an accent that gets thick when he is angry or excited. Sometimes he loses the english words when this happens and will say         something in his native tongue on accident.
    -He looked out for his younger friend Khayll when they both were on the streets. Khayll's been adopted
    -ONLY gets his tattoes done by Reign
    -Likes getting tattoes, and likes to get different cultured tattoos that have different meanings
        -Left arm: symbol for universe above the kanji for 'dignity/honor'
        -Chest: Just a tribal design
        -Neck: Stars on each side and in the center a kanji for 'danger'
        -Right arm: Symbol for harmony above a japanese shrine and the kanji for 'respect'
Mr. T (c) Me 
Fanservice: Chained and Shackled by OH-I-KNOW-HER
Fanservice: Chained and Shackled
I would imagine this happening at SOME point...or in Faisl's dreams

Either way have a sexy restrained (yet pissed) Kalleb hahaah

and yes, when his hair is out of its ponytail it is that long

Kalleb (c) Me


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Blinking Picture
Excited (animation) by OH-I-KNOW-HER
You can have a full picture, fully shaded & highlighted with a simple background and 1 character that is a blinking animation
Blinking Chibi Icons
AdoraBadru Icon by OH-I-KNOW-HER
You get not only a chibi of a character of your choice but the icon is a blinking one, fully shaded and highlighted. 


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