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Picture Perfect by OH-I-KNOW-HER
Picture Perfect
Just some experimenting with my samsung tablet, was bored at work

Do Not steal or use -_-
YCH Christmas Auction 1 -OPEN- by OH-I-KNOW-HER
YCH Christmas Auction 1 -OPEN-
Hello everyone Christmas Auction going on just in time for the holidays, this is how its gonna go.
1. The character can be wither a female or feminine boy, any species...basically any character you want as long as it is a female or femboy (ill do a male one later)
2. The end result will be a fully lined fully colored piece as sen here: <da:thumb id="495865622">
3. Bid Guidelines:
        -Minimum $5 bid
        -Bid underneath the comment that will be there in the comment section below
        -If the bid goes $50+ then the winner will receive that character in both the Mrs. Claus outfit and the Elf costume
        -If the bidding goes up to $100+ then you get both the Mrs. Claus+Elf as well as the bonus 'Gift wrapped reindeer'
        -Lastly if the bidding exceeds $150+ then you will get all three plus a 'naughty naked' (aka no clothes LOL)
        -Autobuy for the whole set: four pictures in total is $200
        -Paypal accepted only
4. Do not STEAL this auction or use it as your own.
5. Auction ends 12/20

EE App: Navara by OH-I-KNOW-HER
EE App: Navara
Name: Navara 
Age: 18 summers
Height: 5'7 as human & 6'8 ft as taur Weight: 114 lbs as human
Taur Species: Fallow doe

Personality: Kind hearted and gentle she doesn't really like violence but she understands it is necessary sometimes. Though she is by no means dumb or unintelligent she just isn't very experienced with things in the world. She is also very nuturing by nature and tends to have a more protective instinct towards children and those who need it.

Location: Slave ship at the docks of Sagara
Occupation/Position: slave. Pleasure slave 
Mate: none atm...she was taken away just as she 'became of age'
Class: Low
Abilities: N/A
Currency: $0

Born in Barda she lived a fairly normal life for a doe of her tribe, learning what she needed in order to not only survive but also provide for whenever she found a mate. Growing up she was happy, with her childhood friend making her day’s even more joyful. Little did she know that her world would be turned upside down in what seemed to be a flash.

One day while she was in the fields with some of the younger fawns watching and playing with them she heard a noise in the nearby bushes. Instincts kicking in she quickly gathered the youngers ones and told them to hide and don’t come out. With that she dashed to the village to at least warn the others, however just as she got there the poachers had caught up and entrapped her just at the border. Though her attempt was not vain, the sound of her cries and screams were loud enough to alert the others. Despite the warning the poachers were just too equipped and too many and all Navara could do was watch in horror as they dragged her away to her fate.

Now she spends her days on a boat in Sagara displayed for the world to see as a pleasure slave waiting for whoever ends up buying her. However, she continues to hope that one day she can regain her freedom and go back to her village...we will see.

Preferred RP: CHAT, Skype, notes are last resort because people forget about me

-She loves music, singing and dancing though with her current situation she is struggling to keep from breaking down.
        -Her coloring is lighter than other's of her breed of deer.
        -The clothes she has to wear irritate her and she rather wear much much less, the feeling of restraint is increased because of ther dress
        -Despite her current situation she is a hopeless romantic and still had hope that one day she will find her other half.
        -More later as time foes on.

Navara (C) :iconoh-i-know-her:

Elidir-Empire (c) gingerlisous23



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Blinking Picture
Excited (animation) by OH-I-KNOW-HER
You can have a full picture, fully shaded & highlighted with a simple background and 1 character that is a blinking animation
Blinking Chibi Icons
AdoraBadru Icon by OH-I-KNOW-HER
You get not only a chibi of a character of your choice but the icon is a blinking one, fully shaded and highlighted. 


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