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Cuteness by OH-I-KNOW-HER
You know what Yuuki's adopted daughter (Kichi) looks like, so have a glimpse of his youngest adopted human son Kazue

They are saying bye to WanWan (Kazue's new playmate)

Both are mine    
Children are a hassle...even grown by OH-I-KNOW-HER
Children are a hassle...even grown
Here we have Yuuki and his adopted daughter Kichi, who pops in for a visit every now and then. So what better way to spend sometime with your mama than to be getting clean and soaking in the hot springs of the house. (Of course every time she visits she has to clean up so this is really killing two birds with one stone)

Yuuki (c) Mine aka Oh-I-Know-Her
Kichi (c) HerrNacht
Goshinbokuu app: Yuuki by OH-I-KNOW-HER
Goshinbokuu app: Yuuki
-Name: Yuuki (From Japanese 優 (yuu) "gentleness, superiority" or 悠 (yuu) "distant, leisurely" combined with 希 (ki) "hope", 輝 (ki) "radiance" or 生 (ki) "life")
    -Nickname: Azul

-Age: 239 Y/O appears to be about 20

-Gender  No particular gender/Hermaphrodite. Though his appearance is more male.

-Class & Species  Pureblood|Elemental Dragon|Japanese Dragons

-Height/Weight 5'11

Can cook and brew tea very will
    -Bear children (has both reproductive organs)
    -Fly when in dragon form (though cannot fly for long distances)
    -Breath underwater
    -Has three forms:
        -His more human appearance: No horns, no tail, no scales just pointed ears and the gem in the middle of his forehead, slit pupils, white schlera
        -His normal demon appearance: Horns, Scales, Tail, Slit Pupils, Dark schlera
        -Dragon form: Black scales that shimmer sapphire, gem in his forehead and smaller ones down his muzzle, horns, multiple legs, long slender body, armor like scaled belly, black             mane, long top fangs

    -Claws and fangs: He will use them if needed
    -Tail: It's all muscle so being struck could possibly knock the wind out of you
    -Water Manipulation:
        -Bend water to his will to make a whip
            -Can also change the water into ice, making an ice sword(s)

-Partner Aids
Small dragon/neko hybrid aka a lesser demon spirit named Nabe (will draw later)
    -His adopted daughter Kichi

    -Territorial: Don't mess with his and his mate's territory/home. He likes his personal space
    -/+Protective: Of his loved ones, as well as his servants. Sometimes he can be seen as overprotective
    -Perfectionist: It can get in the way of what he is trying to accomplish especially if he has a deadline; such as documents, scrolls, or other business dealing with the family.
    +Maternal: He is the submissive between he and his mate and will possibly have offspring one day. But as of right now he is taking care of a toddler human child
    +Open minded: He doesn't mind the fact that there are humans or halfbreeds in the world. He has an appreciation for life
    -/+Proud: Upholds his family name with honor. Despite his peaceful disposition he is a pureblood and prefers not to dilute the bloodline (it was how he was raised)
    +Intellectual: Likes reading scroll of history and solving problems he is a little bit of a nerd

-Strengths & Weaknesses  
    +Moonlight: sort of charges him up
    +Agile/Flexible: due to his more lithe build and training he's very flexible and graceful
    +Skilled with two swords, usually one is shorter than the other
    +Rather use his intellect before having to resort to pure violence, hes a strategist 
    +Relies more on his lower body strength
    -Lacks the upper body strength his brother and heavier built demons have
    -He has a fear of being abandoned and left alone for too long
    -Extremely hot weather or hot conditions, he becomes fatigued faster and all around weaker. (Summer is hell for him)
    -Those he cherishes, meaning the people he takes under his claw: his adopted human son. His mate (though he could take care of himself), anyone he holds close that can be used         as a hostage or a threat against him.
    -He relies more on his speed, though if he is slowed down or trapped and his opponent overpowers him then it might not end well for him.
    -If he is away from water for a exceedingly long period of time or doesn't have a chance to be exposed to moonlight then he will be weaker than his full strength and tired a lot.

    Born the younger of a set of twins it was predetermined that Yuuki would be second to inherit the right to be head of the house if something should happen to his brother, he is a black scaled dragon while his brother is an ivory scaled dragon something that happens once every few centuries within their family. Meaning that he and his brother are two halves of one whole in a sense. He and his brother were inseparable, raised and taught the same expect for the fact Yuuki was raised to be somewhat the support (shadow king) for his brother which was fine with him. However as they grew and matured the decision was made that in order to keep the bloodline 'pure' he and his brother were to be a mated pair, as much as he loved his twin he wanted to be able to choose who he loved and because of this he attempted to cut ties with his family. On the run from his family and the responsibilities that came with it he never settled in one place for fear they would come for him and drag him back, along his way he encountered a small abandoned girl, dirty and hidden among the forest. She wasn't afraid or him like most humans he had come across had been. Unable to bring himself to devour the girl he ended up taking her along with him on his journey to independence. It was not until later that he discovered the reason she was alone, her mother is an ubume. Feeling for her he took it upon himself to raise her, naming her Kichi.
    However, he soon found that life would not treat him and his adopted daughter to kindly and after fending off demon after strong demon he was left in a weakened state with no one to turn to for help. Fearing for the safety of not himself, but Kichi, he went back home and reluctantly agreed to the terms of his father with the exception that Kichi be accepted into the family. So once his brother was announced head of the household when their father stepped down (he was old) soon after the mating ritual was initiated. 
    -Their mating bond moved from awkward, to confrontational, to fragile, and finally somewhat stable. As the years went by his mate found a infant that had been put up as offering for their family, gifting the baby to his brother knowing his affinity for children Yuuki was blessed with another child to care for until they had offspring of their own.
    -Currently his mate (head of the house) is away taking care of business so at the moment he is the stand in head of the household/family and is working very hard to uphold the pride of his family's noble name. (at lest until his brother comes back, then he will return to working behind the scenes).

    -Though his family chooses to follow Kushimitama (because you know...dragons and the whole wisdom thing foes hand in hand), Yuuki still would have chosen to follow the guardian of wisdom because he feels that one shoudn't have to rely on a jewel to have strength or whatever they desire. He is a strong believer in doing things yourself, if you work for it then the benefit will be even greater. If it so happens that you aren't able to achieve it then that is how it is suppose to be, accept it.

    -Handles the more complex dealings when it comes to business, while his brother handles things dealing with bigger picture
    -He loves his adopted children like they were his blood family.
    -Has a bit of OCD and tends to clean around the house despite the servants doing it as well. He needs things to be done a certain way.
    -If you give him sweets, you may just earn his favor. 
    -Tends to avoid too much sunlight prefers night time
    -Likes to wear kimonos (he still wears pants (or whatever the are called, like ninja pants) underneath)
    -Favorite colors: Silver and cool colors mainly green.


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Excited (animation) by OH-I-KNOW-HER
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AdoraBadru Icon by OH-I-KNOW-HER
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