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From the streets by OH-I-KNOW-HER
From the streets
He doesn't have a home and lives on the streets, Khayll spends most of his time in his more human form since his chinchilla form is so small compared to cats and dogs. ANYWAY he doesn't really like taking off his layers (he still has his black pants on) when there are a lot of people around, so he tends to take a dip in the park lake at night so no one will see the scars he is so self conscious of. 

Such is his life, going day by day doing what he has too |D thinking no one will want him and he has come to accept that. //shot


Khayll (c) Mine
Event: Trapped by OH-I-KNOW-HER
Event: Trapped
Here we have Ruby, she saw that some of the smaller animals were struggling to get to safety outside. So the plan was to hurry and help them then get back to the house...however she didn't make it and is possibly stuck in the barn alone (well with the other animals but they aren't Fletcher or most importantly Jackson). She is super scared because of the strong wind and what not.

We will see if she comes out of this thing unscathed 

More lighting experimenting on my end

Ruby (c) Mine
OtherPet App: Khayll by OH-I-KNOW-HER
OtherPet App: Khayll

Name: Khayll

 None yet

Age: 24 yr old

Gender: Male

D.O.B.: 6/13

Breed: Long Tailed Chinchilla

Height: 6'2 as humanoid form/ 42 cm in chinchilla form

Weight: 250 lbs in humanoid form/ 1.3 kg in chinchilla form

Job: None. Stray

Sexual Orientation: Open

Partner: TBA


 +Loyal: To people that he is close to and see as friends, he would do anything for them. Never would he betray them, the closer he is to them the greater the chance he would risk his life for them depending on the situation.

+Gentle: He doesn’t always have a harsh stoic demeanor and though he is rather quiet most of the time he is a gentle giant unless you are his enemy.

    +Patient: Raising his little sister has taught him a great deal of being patient and this trait will only increase as she enters puberty/maturity.

    +Paternal: Because he had to raise his little sister he has sort of been thrown into the world of fatherhood and brotherhood at a very young age.

    +Romantic: Not like extreme everything is love love love romantic, but he hopes that one day he would be able to find a mate who would be able to look past the large amount of scars that littered his body as well as someone who would help him with his little sister...a less masculine presence.

    +Clever: He is quick to think on his feet, and though he may be a little clueless about things related to people.

    -Silent/Stoic: He doesn’t really talk all that much, and because of that people think that he isn’t really friendly or that he is completely guarded and hard to get along with. His silence also tends to intimidate some people from approaching him.

    -Can be overprotective: Since his sister is his only blood family left his paternal instincts tend to overshadow everything else sometimes. Same with female friends or females he cares about, he feels a need to protect them.

    -Oblivious: A lot of the time he needs to be just told bluntly, hints and clues slip past him quite often. He’s pretty straight forward.

    -Insecure: About his scars and wounds that he has, its a pretty high amount so he doesn’t feel like the most attractive male in the world.

History: TBA (later)

Additional info:

Very self conscious about his scars so he mostly wears scarves and layers of clothes
-Has scars all over his body
-Gets embarrassed at compliments, attractive people talking to him. Basically when people show interest in him and WANT to talk to him

-Snow: He feels more secure when there is snow on the ground and his fur is completely white not to mention its fun to play with his sister in it.
-Vegetables: Except cauliflower 
-Learning about different things
    -Being around cats while in his animal form
    -Being pet in his animal form by people he trusts


    -Summer: He gets heatstroke quite easily as well as he is more susceptible to summer colds
    -Boys talking to his younger sister
    -The large amount of scars on his body, he feels that it lessens his chance of possibly finding a mate.
    -People just taking liberties and touching either his tail, ears, or fur on his jacket
    -People who wear chinchilla fur coats

[ Relationship Information ]

Orientation: Doesn’t really go by a label. Male, female, etc as long as there is a connection.

Status: Single “if it happens it happens. Its not something to be forced”

Significant Other: N/A

Current Attraction[s]: N/A

Interests: Personality. They can be the most attractive person in the world but if they are a total flake, or a jerk then to him they aren’t attractive at all. Also, if they turn out to have similar interests or views then that is also a plus for him. And if they are hot then that's also a bonus as well.

Family: Younger Sister somewhere

Relationship[s]: N/A

RP Style: Skype. then Chat. notes….people tend to forget about me when it comes to note rps



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AdoraBadru Icon by OH-I-KNOW-HER
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