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New Year... by OH-I-KNOW-HER
New Year...
New beginnings, and new titles

Yup, lemme ask you..what do you feel is going on in this pic of hot/cuteness of an awww moment?

p.s I ran out of time with work AND I need to learn how to firework effect/weeps

Happy Tails - Jackson : (c) :iconsacredium:
HT: Ruby (c) :iconoh-i-know-her: aka ME
E.E App: Kalleb by OH-I-KNOW-HER
E.E App: Kalleb
Name: Kalleb
Age: Appears to be 35
Height: 6' Human & 7'7 in Taur
Weight: 260 lbs. (human)
Taur Species: Jaguar

Personality: Loyal, Bluntly Honest, Intelligent, Guarded, Alpha-male, Patient, Wise/Lonely, troubled, Feels he is fighting to keep from becoming completely cold and unapproachable.
        Having gone through what he has been through in his long life Kalleb has learned to be patient on and off the battlefield. While most of his younger subordinates are hot blooded and ready to just charge into action to earn their bones, he remains calm and coldly collected quickly gathering information to create the necessary strategy to provide the best outcome for their battle/mission. Towards most people he can be strict, intimidating, cold and even harsh but that doesn't mean he is completely heartless. His one soft spot is taken by the Empress he had sworn to protect, he see's her as a younger sister (*coughdaughter/slapped*) and only she would have seen the more softer caring side to the normally hard agressive man. However intimidatng he may be he is never one to abuse his position or cause harm other suffering intentionally, if one looks past him they can see he does things to try and better it for others.
        On the downside, he is considerably lonely and nightmares of his past continue to haunt him with no end in sight. His scars are not just physical but emotional and mental from growing up how he did to not knowing if any of his family are still alive. He can only hope that one day he will see either his older brother or younger sister and be united with at least a little of his bloodline.

Location: Elidir Empire
Captain of the Royal Guard
None yet. Maybe one day
High Class
Abilities: N/A
Currency: 150

  • When he was a small child his family was a normal middle class family, with a houshold of five: mother and father as well as his two other siblings. However one night while his older brother and father were away, the village he lived in was attacked and raided by bandits and his house was no exception.  They ended up taking him (10), his sister(4), and his mother went missing. He had no idea of their fates, but his was to be sold off in the black market and thrown into a world of slavery. Even worse due to his young age, undefined/androgynous looks, and slim build he was put up for sale in the pleasure slave category. It didn't take long before he was bought right after to a upperclass businessman who dealt in many different aspects of business.  Long story short he took pleasure in using Kalleb for the purpose he had bought him for until he hit a certain age and more of his father's features started to shine through and he lost his androgynous charm. Once that happened and he bought a replacement for the boy, he sent Kalleb to work at one of his other businesses doing mostly heavy lifting and physical labor. It was there Kalleb became stronger and more built, filling out to his height. The jaguartaur had to work off his debt to the man who bought him, meaning he spent years working it off doing whatever he could from selling his services to underground fighting. Eventually he managed to buy his freedom back and also a chance to start LIVING as his own man.
  • By now his body was hard, sturdy, and his skill in fighting was great not just in terms of physical skill but he was quick to figure out the best way to beat his opponent. Unknowingly he had a knack for using his brain not just his brawn, creating strategies and using them to get the winning result. One day while the now 17 year old Kalleb was in the middle of an odd job he had managed to pick up he came across a crowded pathway. People were gathered around yet divided as if waiting for something or someone to pass through the middle, and sure enough something did. It was a royal caravan and inside resided the Empress and her daughter, the princess. A passing breeze graced him with a brief glance as the caravan passed and the silk curtain allowed him to see a beautiful baby so small, delicate, and pure unlike himself. Who knows what sparked this need to want to protect this child, but whatever it was it set him on his journey to join the Empire's army, as a lowly cadet of course. He passed all the tests that they threw at him, he was determined to not only live a life better than what'd he'd been living up until now...but he was also set in his goal to work his way up to a position where he could protect the innocence of the empire. His talent for strategy along with his seemingly fearlessness drew the eye other the higher ups and over the course of time he became what appeared to be a model soldier. After all he had nothing to lose and no fear of the outcome of battle or dying, a strong sense of justice with a cool demeanor. This led to him moving up the ranks rather quickly as well, preforming all his duties to the best of his ability all the while keeping an eye out for the princess whenever he was on patrol (though from afar).
  • Word of his initiative and bravery spread to the royal court and he was summoned, he was to be recognized for an outstanding performance and his years of service in the army, however what was to be a joyous ceremony quickly turned when an attempt on the heir to the thrown's life was made. While others watched in shock and horror as a man charged towards the princess Kalleb's body reacted on its own putting himself between the child and the threat, his hardened body taking the blunt of the dagger. Maybe it was adrenaline fueling his movements or the long forgotten memories of his younger sister being taken away that caused him to act, but he subdued the attacker before it wore off and the pain set in. After he was treated and recovered enough the former captain stepped down and awarded Kalleb his title placing him as the new captain of the royal guard and the princess' personal bodyguard since he'd shown not only his loyalty to the thrown but his willingness to lay his life down for her. Once able to begin his duty he met face to face with his new charge, the one who reminded him of his long lost sister. The two bonded and his instinct to protect her grew more and more, now even years later he still stays by her side watching over her and supporting her to this day.
  • The rest as they history. 
Additional Information: More later.
Preferred RP: Preferably skype or chatroom, notes are a last resort.

Kalleb (c) Mine
R.C App: Life Support by OH-I-KNOW-HER
R.C App: Life Support

Name: Kylee Madison aka Kyle

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Height: 5’3

Weight: 111 lbs


  • She is a really down to earth person who, through her past mistakes has learned to just really take things one step at a time when it comes to life and if it was meant to be then it will be. Kyle isn't really a girly girl per say and her style is more edgy but she is nothing extreme.  Gravitating more towards people who are shy and reserved she tries to help them open up as Josephine did for her, she wants to help others so they won't end up out of control and doing something that they can never take back. Though she is more mature there are times when her old partying ways comes out to play, mainly on days of celebration and when she is dj'ing.  When working she turns on the charm, after all being playful and flirty gets her bigger tips as a bartender.  Kyle is a optimistic whe  it comes to relationships and tbiugh she doesn't have the best track record when it comes to dating she is still hoping to find a good guy or gorl who won't bresk her heart or who she won't have to break up with. Part of the reason is because she lacks confidence in herself when it comes to being and getting intimate with another person, letting them in even more so than she did with Josephine.


  • Vegetables and fruits: she is a vegetarian
  • Making music: well the beats and tracks more than singing.
  • Reading: It calms her and she can lose herself in whatever world she is venturing into too.
  • Making new friends
  • Shopping at thrift stores or stores where you will find old school retro clothing
  • Giving a new spin on retro things suchbas clothes and accessories
  • Bartending: she likes trying to make new drinks.


  • Meat: again she is a vegetarian
  • Letting people in super fast, she isn't all that comfortable with letting people know about her past and the fact that she was basically a shut in sheltered kid who was lost and out of control when she had a taste of freedom and the outside world from her parents. She is embarrassed by it lol.
  • Math and psychology: she is horrible at lol
  • Clingy people: she feels they try and get too close way to fast.
  • The fact that her parents have little to do with her now (their choice, well her mother's choice  more so than hers or her fathers)
  • Studying:  though she is rather good at it, and she is getting good grades, she doesn't like the process of studying because shes very particular in how dhe does it and it tends to take hours and hours on end.

Song of choiceLife Support by Sam Smith

Track description/interpretation: It is not very known song in the music world,  but to those who have heard life support can appreciate and relate to the deep meaning of the song. That it is not just another 'love song' that talks about needing someone or not being able to live without someone, it is about how if you let someone in they just won't love you but will be there for you no matter what. If you find yourself at your wits end...they will be your lifeline to help keep you going, that you can work through any problem as long as you two are together and willing.

Track History:

  • All throughout her childhood her parents were very conservative and strict when it came to her upbringing, attempt to mold her into how they wanted aka 'the perfect obedient daughter' telling her that the outside world was one full of hardship, horror, violence, and every person she would come across no matter how good or bad has an ulterior motive. Their goal was to install a fear in ner that would keep her from straying too far from their reach even as she gets older. They home schooled her until she was 13, then she was allowed to attend an all girls private school (public school bred criminals in their opinion). She was elated to meet others her age and make friend, as the standard sheltered child would, though at the beginning she was cautious and wary thanks to her parents parent's teaching. As a result she ccame across unsure and meek to others making creating friendships rather difficult,  after all who wants to be friends with a wallflower that you forget is in the room? High school is a brutal place for a teen.
    • With her first year coming to a close and her friends still at 0 (teachers not included) Kylee was starting to lose hope as well as think that maybe home was better than going to a regular school. But then one day a transfer student named Josephine entered and from then on, let's just say Kyle's world changed for the better unfortunately for her parents. The new student was from another country and was like nothing Kyle had ever experienced,  she was wild, outgoing, and seemed to draw everyone to her everhtome she entered the room.  Shockingly enough it was her who approached Kyle,  and after that the two of them became friends.  The more time she was spending in an all girls school and away from the clutches of ner parents paranoid teachings the more open she was becoming towards others and it was all thanks to her now best friend, Josephine.
    • All through the rest of her high school career she steered towards the teachings of her parents she grew bolder and open to more and more things, however like with a lot of cnildren who have been heavily sheltered she didn't know when to reign it in and became out of control-her teenage rebellious years. It was then she realized how good of a friend Josephine was, after seeing jhst how out of control Kylee had become she was the one to bring ber back to reality. Soon after her wake up call her grades returned to normal and Kylee the 'party girl' quieted down to just a fun to be around yet responsible Kylee who finished high school as one of the top students in her class. Unfortunately during the last year of high school her best friend and life changer Josephine moved away for her parents business.
  • Years later they still keep in contact though not as often as they both would like, but life tends to get in tbr way of what we want sometimes. Now Kylee, taken to the nickname kyle is more in tune with herself and being her own person having cut her hair and adopted an eclectic style rather than try and fit in and be like the others seemed to be. Going to school for music she also works as a bartender and freelance dj to pay her way through school since her parents did not approve her choice of majors and as such they basically cut all ties with her using the excuse that she has become one of the very corrupt people they taught her about (though her father is more liberal than her mother. Her mother is the one who is basically forcing Kyle to be estranged from her father).

Orientation: Straight for the most part though she has had a girlfriend or two here or there

Relationships: N/A


  •     She goes by the name "Dj Wylee Kylee" when she is working and n freelance DJ mode
  •     She is aware of her small yet curvy stature, and in terms of attraction she gravitates towards taller people hahaha.
  •     No she doesn't have a napoleon complex, she still doesn't like when people dote on how small she is a lot.
  •     She is a cuddler, and gets cold easily even when she is all bundled up in layers upon layers of clothes.
  •     There are three tattoos in total on her body: on her leg/thigh as you can see. one on her lower back and one on her right ankle

Kyle (c) Mine aka :iconoh-i-know-her:
Lets hope I get in. :) :iconradio-city:

SS: The man and the cat by OH-I-KNOW-HER
SS: The man and the cat
I got :iconmeykka: and with RL stuff I've been drawing blanks on what to draw and time was running out/weeps

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! sorry I'm such a lame santa/weeps

I read that Harry likes cats but is like....a serious dude XD so I thought he should meet angel since he's a cat. Hahaha would he want to adopt Angel? I dunno doubt it, I pity the fool who takes him in hahahaha.

I see this happening. One thinking "Awww cat <3" the other thinking "...can I get food from this guy?"

Happy tails app - Harry (c) :iconmeykka:
HT: Angel (c) Mine


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Blinking Picture
Excited (animation) by OH-I-KNOW-HER
You can have a full picture, fully shaded & highlighted with a simple background and 1 character that is a blinking animation
Blinking Chibi Icons
AdoraBadru Icon by OH-I-KNOW-HER
You get not only a chibi of a character of your choice but the icon is a blinking one, fully shaded and highlighted. 


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