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Clothing Concepts by OH-I-KNOW-HER
Clothing Concepts
Heres a little something. 

Kipling's peoples, his adviser and his guard; Laylanii and Cash.
I'm jealous of Kipling

Laylanii (c) oh-i-know-her aka me
Cash (c) albo-beati7
▶ Name : Q

▶ Nickname(s) : N/A
▶ Gender : appears Male ♂ (but has no specific gender, he can sire and bear young)
▶ Age : around 76 (appears around 23)
▶ Height | Weight : 6'3" | 150 lbs
▶ Rank : Rookie Private
▶ Partner : N/A

▶ Element : Holy
▶ Abilities and Talents :
 White noise: A destructive ray of light is produced and shot
    -Downside is, it takes a lot of energy and because he is still so young for his kind he can only do this 3 times without his life being put in danger

 Levitate/Fly: Though not shown here he has wings that appear on either sides of the sphere that hovers behind him, though they appear to be holographic or transparent he is able to levitate/fly for short periods of time
 Able to heal himself as well as others. He can't heal a dying person but cuts, bruises are easy but things like broken bones are hard for him at his current level and young age. 
    -Downside: Takes a lot of energy to heal someone else and he rarely uses this ability because it will let him leave him incapacitated for a long time depending on how intense the injury is.
▷ Has heightened abilities such as strength, speed, senses. 
    Downside: he is extra sensitive to noises on the louder side

▷ Can play the piano
▷ If you let him he can sleep for a long period of time, like mini hibernation
▷ Can braid hair
▷ Is good at math

▶ Personality :
+ Independent 
+ Proud

- Can come off as cold
- Guarded
- Sometimes doesn't think before he speak

▶ History :
    No one is completely sure how his kind is born, though over time the number of zaints have continued to decline be it from enslavement as pets or from poaching for their sphere's and/or coats. But all Q can remember is that he had no family, no mother to nurture him and no father to teach him. So he grew up alone, travelling place to place avoiding humans and getting caught up in the war, doing whatever he had to in order to survive.  Along the way he encountered another of his kind, another male, it was the first he had ever met some of the same kind. They had gotten to know each other and it was the first time Q had someone to tell him a little but more about their kind. However, this friendship was torn apart when then were tracked his companion caught by human poachers.
    Just before his friend had been captured he left Q with something that remained lingering in the back of his mind 'not all humans are bad, they just fear what they don't understand as a survival instinct'. So decades later the war had come to an end and while travelling in on of his cities, Q had come to learn of the program that connects two different beings in a type of bond and it sparked his curiosity not to mention he found himself desiring a secure place to reside without having to worry about being hunted or poached for his fur, sphere, or to be enslaved.

▶ Why the character wants to join DAMMED :
Due to his lack of family or a home he is tired of being a nomad, and would like to at least work on getting past his issues with humans especially if he wants to remain in the program. 

▶ Other :
▷Can seal his wings and sphere into his body to where they appear as just look like markings or tattoos on his body
▷His halo and tail are the only thing he can't seal away they are always out.
▷His halo is not tangible
▷Has larger lungs and 2 hearts to support his large beast body
▷ His kind are born with names rather than given names, and only tell the ones they take as mates. They believe that ones true name is sacred and should be shared when one shares their heart with another. (But, due to some circumstances that have happened in his life Q doesn't believe in things like love)
▷Though he wears glasses they don't effect his eyesight, if anything they help dampen his extremely good sense of sight.
▷Despite his excellent senses, he has a condition where his sense of feeling pain is getting worse and worse with each passing moment. Whether this is due to his emotional detachment or something more he gets the piercings as proof that he can feel pain. That and he's somewhat addicted to getting piercings. 
HT: Latte by OH-I-KNOW-HER
HT: Latte

Name: Latte

Age: 4 y.o (32 in human years)

Gender: Female

D.O.B.: August 3

Height: 5'1 in human form; 4'8 in animal form from shoulder to ground
        -Weight:  143 LBS in human form;1300 lbs in animal form
Measurements: 40-32-45 Bra Size: 34G/34DDD

Job: Cow, so making milk and calves for Jackson

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Partner: None. Unless you want to count Oxford aka 'Big daddy'


|| Maternal || Protective || Calm || Flirtatious || Gentle || Clever || Patient || Caring || Fun-loving and Adventurous


In terms of history, its pretty much normal. Her father was a prize/ribbon winning bull, he mother was her owner's top/best cow, together they were bred to create her. When she matured she too was bred (by a different bull) and gave birth to a healthy calf which she got to bond with an raise for a period of time. Though when it came time it was hard for her to give up her first child to whom she raised and nurtured, it broke her heart. Even with her owner and others telling 'this was what she was bred for' it was still a little hard on her, though with some help and advice from her mother she was able to accept and move past it seeing as she would have to go through it at least one more time. She was able to settle down and continue on her own growth, about a year later she was entered into a fair where like her father she came in first. Seeing the potential she held her owner put her in an auction where her current master Jackson bought her.

Adjusting to her new home was difficult at first, she understood the human's way of doing things, and though Jackson was a kind master she was hesitant to breed again. Needless to say she was surprised when the man didn't make her when she came into season if she wasn't ready. As she got to know the others on the farm and her new owner she began to feel like it could be home.  Time goes on and as she makes deep connections with everyone she tends to become one of the mother like figures on the ranch happy with providing milk for her master and if he asked she would go through it when it came time she would have another calf.

Additional info:

Can be found on Jackson's ranch
-Has been bred before has given birth a few times only for her calves to be sold.
-She tends to take care of people, in a motherly way
-Loves milk time, it helps relieve the pressure that builds up she says
-Don't mess with Jackson or his mates or any other on the farm she sees as 'young she needs to look out for'
-Loves apples
-Hates exercising a lot
-Can eat a lot, like A LOT, she has four stomachs
-Loves to sunbathe naked or just in her cow form
-Wants to have a calf to raise that won't be sold, like just a calf of her own
-Not ashamed of her body, she believes in "more cushion for the pushin" |D 



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Blinking Picture
Excited (animation) by OH-I-KNOW-HER
You can have a full picture, fully shaded & highlighted with a simple background and 1 character that is a blinking animation
Blinking Chibi Icons
AdoraBadru Icon by OH-I-KNOW-HER
You get not only a chibi of a character of your choice but the icon is a blinking one, fully shaded and highlighted. 


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