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T.o.T- Alexandria-Levi by OH-I-KNOW-HER T.o.T- Alexandria-Levi by OH-I-KNOW-HER
Name: Alexandria-Levi
Nicknames: Alex or Levi

666 yrs old (looks to be in her 20's)
Birthday: June 6 ????

Gender: Female (but acts more male than a lot of guys hahah)
Weight/Height: 63Kg(138 lbs.)/175 Cm(5'9)
Race: Fallen Angel

Reason for Conviction:
Dating back to her more ancestral past the was an angel, one of the top demon hunters throughout heaven and top of her class. One day while on a hunt she was attacked by a very powerful devil/demon it was a long and exhausting battle to which she ended out on the losing end. However, instead of kill her this particularly sadistic demon wanted her to suffer, death for a warrior in battle was an honor but surviving the battle after a defeat he was going to give her would be the ultimate shame/humiliation. Long story short he had his way with her and took his 'spoils' impregnating her. After that she no longer could be a huntress and she gave birth to the child-a demon's child- but the baby came out to appear full angel, deeming the reason being the angel blood purifying the demon blood inside the child and mother were allowed to live. Regardless of that fact she and her child were shunned by those they came across, her child labeled as a 'bad-omen' and rumors had sprouted that she 'willingly laid with the demon', 'that she was involved in a plot to act against the holy creator' blah blah blah etc...soon people started calling  her a leviathan (not as 'she was related to one of the four princes of hell' but more as a nickname/label, an exile) a name that would stick with her and her family even to this day. Almost like a curse.

Back to Alex, because of her family history and the label/name that follows them everyone in heaven knows of her and that though she is full angel there is that speculation that there is demon blood coursing through her veins. (and they are right, its just dormant, subdued by the angel DNA). In lame-man's terms She is accused of being unclean. Branded as tainted and a possible threat, her demon blood might rear up and destroy everything causing chaos

But mainly she is accused of supposedly manipulating and or seducing her fellow angels into committing sins and participating in sinful acts against the holy vow and being corrupted by them. Giving into temptation as one would say. As well as accused of killing a fellow warrior angel during a hunt for a notorious demon.

She is more of a tomboy than a girly girl. Hot headed and short tempered she will easily more of less beat you to a bloody pulp rather give you a hug, her sense of what is right and wrong has been compromised with the way the other angels had been treating her throughout her life. Though her heart is forever broken due to the death of her soul mate and is mostly closed off, her inability to fully trust someone has deepened and her heart guarded more so in an attempt to never feel that hurt again. Sometimes she comes off as cold of apathetic

Ever since she was born other angels have been looking down on her and treating  her differently as if she was not worthy-an outcast, so to prove them wrong by studying and training hard to become one of the top elite angel warriors. No parents, no family, and no friends she was lived with a judgmental and also biased elderly angel who was only doing what she was asked to do, take care of the 'omen child'.  With that said, she did the bare minimum to provide for Alexandria with the mindset that the child would be kicked out of heaven sooner or later or better killed. Being barely fed and cared for she found a more comfortable solitary home, well two: the large library of the school and the secluded forest where she trained non-stop ro be top in her class.

By the time of graduation she in fact was at the top of her class and the most eligible for being a fighter. Though at first the administrators were not going allow her to enlist and become a warrior the higher ups had other plans for her, seeing her power and skill level they decided to use her to their advantage against unruly demons and humans who  need to be dealt with and if worse came to worse they would just cast her out without a second thought.

Assigning her to a team that was just like everyone else in looking down at her she managed to ignore and just do what was asked of her in order to try for her goal of gaining respect where respect was due. One a set of twins on male one female were different, they didn't look at her with eyes clouded by her lineage and after seeing she was not as the rumors say they extended a warm hand to her and soon the trio became friends. Jeanne-Claus and Nina-Veronica were their names. As time grew on Alex and Nina grew closer than she and Jeanne did, however in love they knew that they could do no more than feel, because to be together as mates or a couple was forbidden, a sin. This made them even closer and more in love, and some of the others around them increasingly hateful and jealous. One day Alex's team was paired up with the twin's team on an assignment to hunt down and exterminate an escaped demon who was causing panic and mayhem on earth, a previous angel. A fallen. The trio wound up split up going different directions, it took a while but eventually Alexandria sensed their target however something was wrong. She would barely feel Nina but could feel Jeanne clear as day, rushing to where Nina and said demon were she was raked with horror with what she saw. Her beloved laying lifeless underneath the now murderous demon, blinded by rage and panic she rushed the blood covered demon and lost control killing him until there was nothing left but her covered in blood (from the demon) and her body of her beloved. Calming down tears fell from her eyes as she cradled the still body of Nina, not knowing how long she remained there she heard a voice. The voice of her C.O (commanding officer) behind her....

Long story short though he witnessed the whole thing, Jeanne decided to use this to frame and accuse her of murdering one of their own when the others caught up to them (in spite for her not returning his feelings). Unable to do anything to save herself seeing as nearly all of heaven was against her more and more accusations piling up. Those who had committed sins saw this as the opportunity to try and keep their spot in heaven. The one's in charge took great pleasure in deciding her fate. Banished to tartarus and branded a fallen, where she had sent many a demons. Now as she remains in her prison her wings and body slowly taint and begin to change though she herself keeps fighting to remain herself.

~She is an excellent fighter skilled in most forms of martial arts and kick boxing
~Some energy based attacks but not a lot, she is more prone to physical hand to hand combat
~Though most angels have healing abilities, she wasn't born with it ironically due to the blood that courses through her veins she only has the power of destruction, though it it is developing slowly inside her, growing as she becomes more and more corrupt and spends more time in prison. Her once pure white wings are becoming so as well, one set already changed completely and the other staining over time
~Like the standard angels who gain their energy from the sun she is able to derive energy from the moon as well.
~Tattoos on her back allow her to seal away her wings for convenience.
~Each warrior is given the opportunity, a test to see if they belong in the guarding or fighting industry.  Meaning if you are able to forge a weapon then that would be their 'companion'. Each weapon that is forged is a spirit animal, and ocelot. (When Nina died, Alex took in her spirit animal, a white cobra. Because when a master dies the weapon/animal is destroyed and Alex couldn't let the only piece of Nina that was left be destroyed. so she hid it and ended up with it when she was sent to tartarus and now has the company of her ocelot and her beloved's cobra)

Additional Information:
~She is purely untainted ;D I will let you decipher that one.
~Though she fell in love with another woman that does not meant she is strict on gender she tends to be more attracted to the inside rather the out and if they are a 20 on the outside then that is a bonus.
~Wears a binder around her chest to make her seem more masculine (they are bigger than they appear)

~voice:…… aka Ryuuko's voice

R.P Methods:
Skype, AIM, Chatrooms, possibly notes.

Alex.Art (C) Mine
Kyte-Rhima Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Lovely new design~ yyou've changed so much~~
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